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Audio Tattoo™ is an AU/VST3 Plugin that adds text steganography to the audio exported through your desired DAW (Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools, Studio One, Ableton) compatible with OS X & Windows.

You can watermark all you audio files straight out of your host software, copyright your material or just hide a secret message and send it to your friend to decode.

Protect your work, you deserve it.

Audio Tattoo™

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    AUDIO TATTOO – Audio Unit/VST Plugin

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How to use Audio Tattoo™

Use Audio Tattoo™ as plugin in any desired DAW (Logic, Protools, Live, Studio One).

  1. Input your Audio Tattoo™ plugin (AU/VST) on your master bus if you want to embed a steganography text into your audio file.
  2. Type in the information you would like to embed.
  3. Bounce/export the way you always do and you are done. The steganography is embedded within your audio file.
  4. Tipp: Throw Audio Tattoo™ on your project template and have all your work protected without thinking about it. Super easy, super safe.



Use Audio Tattoo™ to scan audio file.


  1. Input your Audio Tattoo™ plugin on your master bus.
  2. Import the desired audio file you would like to scan into your DAW.
  3. Open the plugin and hit scan and hit play.
  4. The hidden steganography text will show if the material has it embedded.
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